Staining and Finishing

Character comes from the details. As a homeowner you are well aware. Trim, moldings, floors, entryways; they all play an important role in the aesthetic feel of your home.

At Namho our professional painters have an eye for design. When you have ideas for updating your home, adding some character, or repairing the damage of time, give us a call and together we’ll give those ideas life.

Our staining and finishing services include:

  • Trim and moldings
  • Stairs and banisters
  • Cabinetry
  • Furniture
  • Flooring
  • Doors
  • Complete new construction packages

Imagine your home minus the old carpet, now boasting the deep glow of real wood, stained in the color you’ve always dreamed of, perfectly contrasting the walls, cabinetry and furniture. Imagine a staircase reminiscent of a colonial mansion or the snappy feel of a 60’s Hollywood flat. Can you see old painted furniture stripped and refurbished back to its original beauty? Or a boring ceiling now a focal point with its intricately designed crown moldings?

The possibilities are endless. Simply staining and finishing areas of your home can give it a total make-over and new life. If you’re building your dream home, be sure not to neglect the stains and finishes on the interior. And because we have an off-site spray shop, we can cut costs of your overall project should space or time constraints rear their ugly heads.

See what some of our customers have dreamed up and call us today to discuss your project with one of our interior house painters. You deserve to live in a beautiful home, and we know just how to create it.