Residential Painting for Realtors

It’s a tough housing market. We’ve heard it for years. For a seller, it can be a downright nightmare! As a Realtor, the seller looks to you to make their good dreams come true. A tall order.

house interior painting

Your expertise has taught you a lot about people. You know what a buyer is looking for. You know they often use emotions first, logic second, when making a home-buying decision. And you know that a perfectly staged house can tap into the right buyer’semotions and compel them to make an offer.

Home staging starts with the basics: lighting, de-cluttering, and furniture configuration. Now you need the right colors.

The expert professional painters at Namho get it. They understand the current trends in the market and know the neutral color palettes that work best within them. When you encourage your client to re-paint their home, for curb appeal, for aesthetically pleasing interiors, please refer them to the trusted team at Namho Enterprises.

INterior house painting

You both will benefit in multiple ways:

  • Increased home value
  • Quality work; no DIY disasters
  • Market-ready fast
  • Updated look attracts more potential buyers
  • Competitive advantage
  • Stress-free

Beyond that, when your client sees the finished result of your advice and expertise, you solidify your trusted status with them, skyrocketing your referability.

Namho understands what you, as a Realtor, need from us. We’re ready to help you with exterior painting, interior painting, staining and finishing, and even epoxy coating for those special projects. And we’ll collaborate with you on your timeline and get the quality work done you and your client deserve.

Give us a call so we can learn more about each other’s business. Then we’ll be poised to take on your next project quickly and efficiently. To see our work in action check out some pictures here and be sure to stop by our Testimonials page to hear straight from our pleased customers.